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If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

FraserValleyWeddingFestival.com - What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding DayIf it rains on your wedding day, it’s considered good luck! But if you are feeling less thrilled about the possibility, check out our tips for great fallback plans, and last-minute fixes.

  1. Visit your location in advance, on a rainy day. Observe where runoff water goes. Are entrances flooded? Parking garages full of drips? Is there an overhang where you can safely hop in and out of the car? How will you get Grandma’s wheelchair through those puddles? It pays to check and plan accordingly.
  2. Purchase an extra-large golf umbrella, and keep it handy. Golf umbrellas are much larger than normal, as they are meant to cover not only the golfer, but the bag of clubs. (Why do golfers go out in the rain, anyway?!!?) It’s the perfect way to keep your gown dry in a quick hop from the car to the venue.
  3. Save two breadbags. Sounds crazy, but breadbags are the perfect size and thickness for covering your shoes and keeping them dry. Simply wash them out beforehand, and dry them well. If it rains, slip off the shoe, put it inside the breadbag, and then slip the shoe back on, with the plastic between your foot and the shoe. After you step indoors, take the bags off, and voila – perfect shoes! Toss the bags in the nearest wastebasket, and keep going!
  4. Be sure to use humidity-proof hair products. If you have fine or thin hair that lacks body, this is a very common problem. Your hairdresser will be able to recommend an approach at the salon, but if you’re doing your own hair, check brands that say “humidity-proof”, not just “extra-hold”. Some have additional ingredients that will prevent atmospheric moisture from destroying your ‘do.
  5. Keep a touch-up makeup kit in the car. Include makeup remover wipes in case you have to remove runny eye makeup and start over. Waterproof makeup is great, but not all products are truly waterproof. This is also great to repair emotional, tear-filled moments. You may not need it, but if it rains on your wedding day, you’ll be glad you had it!
  6. Outdoor wedding? Plan an alternate. It’s always better to have a backup plan that you didn’t use, rather than no backup plan when you need one. It’s surprising how a large hallway, staircase landing, or other unusual spot can make a great venue for a ceremony, perhaps something that nobody will ever forget.
  7. Wedding in a tent? Check that the ground has good drainage. (Remember the scene from the movieĀ Betsy’s Wedding, where the guests are all dancing in ankle-deep mud?) Some tent companies have floor systems that can be assembled, including great dance floors.

With just a little prep and some flexibility, so what if it rains on your wedding day? Keep in mind the comfort of your guests, and nobody can rain on your parade!

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