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How to Plan the Perfect Micro-Wedding

Micro-wedding is a term you’ve probably heard a lot lately! It’s a fantastic new trend, which is really a throwback to the 60’s and 70’s, when many couples had smaller weddings rather than do the huge postwar weddings of their parents. For most people, a micro-wedding means a wedding with less than 20 people in attendance, in a select location or at your home, and while the idea has gained traction in the last 2 years because of pandemic restrictions, we think this idea is here to stay for all of the great reasons that follow.

What's a micro-wedding?
Our advice for planning the perfect micro-wedding!

For one thing, a micro-wedding is far easier to organize. When you don’t need to feed 300 people a luxury meal and have nobody with cold potatoes, trust us, it’s much less stress! So many details of larger weddings suddenly become non-issues, like renting extra seating, filling up a sundae bar, and so on. Many accessories are simple to pick up last-minute rather than ordering far in advance, leaving room for plenty of last-minute decisions. Your list will be shorter and take less headspace, which is meaningful for anyone who wants to actually enjoy their day.

Obviously, you can expect to save a LOT of money, too! Some of this may be in ways that aren’t immediately clear, and will only play out once all the bills are in. It’s a lot more than catering and a DJ – you will probably also save money on your photography, flowers, decor, and so much more.

When you only need to seat or celebrate with 20 people, another HUGE advantage is that many other alternative venues open up to you. That snug little vintage pub with a view of the beach? Yes! That adorable inn that you visited last year? Yes! A happening in your favourite childhood park or beach spot? Yes! Many locations have limits on the number of people they can serve in a day, or safety restrictions. You can literally *take over* that romantic little inn, making room for parents, siblings, and besties, for a party that lasts all weekend.

Our advice is in a few key areas;

  1. Don’t skimp on details. That expensive champagne is now accessible with so few to serve. Perhaps sit down and make a list of great memories you’d like to have after the event, and work towards those. Special moments are made one thought at a time. You can focus on details when you don’t have as much big stuff to deal with.
  2. Open yourself to special experiences or themes. That Sherlock Holmes-themed wedding might have seemed nuts for hundreds of people, but now in a micro-wedding… why not? Anything is possible. Everyone could bring their pets and include them in the party after the ceremony. Want to ride the roller coaster after you say your “I do’s”? You can! Want to get married on horseback? Why not? beach weddings are made for small groups – anything is possible!
  3. Dress how you want! When you don’t have as many other expenses, focus your budget and energy on your gown or wearables. Pantsuit might not have gone over with that large group? Well, now you can wear it comfortably! Keds with your silk gown? Of course! That vintage hat is begging to be taken out of the box! Your ideal gown is for YOU, not for your guests, so you can take the time and energy to create that ultimate garment for a lifetime.
  4. Timing is more flexible. Not everyone wants a morning or sunset wedding, but now those moments are possible and easier to coordinate in a micro-wedding. Timing your wedding to coincide with the passing of a satellite? Easily done. Under the stars or under the aurora borealis, it’s only limited by your imagination.
  5. Blend the virtual with the real-world. If Grandma is far away, not a problem! By simulcasting your wedding on Facebook Live or other simple platform, you avoid the cost of hiring a professional videographer, yet the captured video is there forever to watch over and over again, and can easily be kept private yet accessible for only those you invite.

Remember, this is YOUR wedding, not anyone else’s. Your memories are most important. Micro-weddings are too awesome to put aside as restrictions open up – their elegant possibilities and creative opportunities are the best of what weddings can be. Enjoy!

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