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How to Have a Creative and Original Wedding

How to have a creative and original wedding - FraserValleyWeddingFestival.comCreative and original wedding in your plans? You don’t have to feel trapped by anyone else’s ideas. Here are our tips for making sure you get the artsy wedding you want.

State your goal to have a creative and original wedding up-front.

This sounds very businesslike, and yes, it is! When you’re spending money on something that will impact you for such a long time, it pays to take it seriously. For example, is it important to you that the wedding reflect your setting? Do you want your pets to play a part? Take the time to think about this, and state it right up-front to your partner, parents, and attendants.

Think about your personal style.

Are you eclectic? Rockabilly? Heart-and-soul country? Artsy? A die-hard foodie? What motivates your choices in the rest of your life? Instead of looking at conventional wedding sources, why not look at your everyday favourite shopping spots and resources, and draw from that for your inspiration for your creative and original wedding.

Shop local artisans and makers.

The best stuff really is right outside your door! Makers and artists create unique items every day. Supporting a local maker is the perfect way to ensure no-one else has the exact same item as you. Think wearables, table settings, florals, photo accessories, menu selections, and so on. Find the best of these in local craft markets, boutique wedding shows (like the Fraser Valley Wedding Show!) and small retailers that specialize in offering locally-made products.

Pick one absolute MUST have item.

Think of this thing that sets the theme for the rest of it. Perhaps it’s your one-of-a-kind gown created by an artist, or the pie buffet you plan to offer your guests. Once that one thing has set the tone, it’s easy to create artistic decor to match your gown, or little pie-themed memory gifts for your guests. A creative and original wedding themed from a single object with real importance has heart and meaning, rather than simply a colour scheme with everything matchy-matchy. Speaking of which…

Remind yourself that nothing has to match.

It may shock your mother, but no, bridesmaids do not need to be dressed identically. Yes, red shoes are acceptable under your white gown. No, your guests will not be put out if their napkins are all different colours. Sometimes, throwing the rules out the window results in surprising and joy-filled moments.

Apply your theme to all the details.

At one theatre-themed wedding, the actor Bride mailed tickets rather than invitations, a theatrical poster adorned the entrance of her venue, an old theatre in the heart of her town’s arts district. The ceremony took place on stage, including attendants who made dramatic entrances and exits for the performance ceremony, and vows included lines stolen from Shakespeare’s sonnets. Drinks and appies were served in the lobby during “intermission” while the couple changed into travel clothes before leaving the reception. As they say, it ain’t done ’till it’s done to death!

A creative person shouldn’t settle for a cookie-cutter wedding. The event must reflect who you and your partner really are – and your guests will love you for it!

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