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Alternatives to White Wedding Gowns

alternatives to white wedding gownsLooking for something less traditional, but still elegant and flattering? There are plenty of alternatives to white wedding gowns for your special day.

Thirty years ago, there were a number of strict conventions about wedding gown colours. Traditionally, blue was worn for a second wedding, for both widows and divorcees. Often, the only debate for first-time brides was which shade of white to wear: ivory, winter white, or for those who could carry it off, a stark, cool white. But now, anything goes in terms of colour, style, length, seasonal appropriateness, formality, and so on. Brides have almost limitless options.

Is your style more formal or traditional, but want something unique?

Consider a soft blush pink, yellow, baby blue, grey, peach, lavender, and so on. While many pastels come to mind for a spring or summer wedding, coordinating a dark colour for your attendants, and a paler tone for your own gown makes a beautiful fashion statement any time of year.

Looking for drama?

Don’t be afraid to try a completely nontraditional colour in an elegant gown of burgundy, navy, or emerald. Jewel tones are particularly attractive in colder months. A dark gown will be something guests talk about for some time to come. Consider your skin’s undertone when choosing a colour. Cool skin tones are particularly flattered when contrasted against warm colours, and vice-versa.

A black wedding gown? Really?

Black wedding gowns can stand out as especially formal, or lend themselves well to themed weddings. Consider pairing a black veil and accessories for additional dramatic presence. Black lace is especially alluring, and would look fantastic for an evening, candlelit wedding.

With so many alternatives to white wedding gowns, why not challenge yourself to at least try one on? If you hesitate to spend a lot of money on a gown that won’t be worn more than once, a coloured gown may be much more practical. With a few minor adjustments, a skirt can be shortened or a bodice changed to make a fab dress that can bring back memories for many years to come!

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