6 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Your Spring Wedding

Spring Weddings: 6 Things To Do Now

6 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Your Spring WeddingPlanning a spring wedding? Taking a little prep time now will save plenty of time, cost, and trouble later. Use these 6 tips to help you prepare.

Talk to your florist.

Floral arrangements differ depending on the time of year. Take advantage of spring blooms, including bulbs, cherry and plum blossoms, and other early blooms. Your florist will tell you what’s available and how to best use each type of flower.

Plan for changing weather.

Do a websearch for weather history for the date you’re planning. Think about things like wind, light showers, and so on. What does that mean in terms of footwear that can stand a little rain, perhaps a light wrap to keep warm, or wind-proof hairstyles? Will part of your ceremony be outdoors? Do you need to have a backup plan?

Talk to your spring wedding outdoor venue about prep.

Most outdoor locations know this, but if you are having any part of your event outdoors, be sure the gardeners know to mow the lawn the day before, not the morning of, your event. This will allow time for the green “juice” of the lawn to dry up, or you will have a green hem to your gown, on your shoes, etc.

Be prepared to delay honeymoon travel.

For many destinations, spring is an especially busy time of year to travel. If you haven’t already booked your trip, you may be out of luck. If you need to delay your actual honeymoon travel, perhaps booking a short stay at a local spa or resort will give you a few days to relax as newlyweds before you head back to work.

The menu for your meal may change.

Planning to have lamb? Spring is the perfect time for this! If you also plan to serve any locally-grown vegetables, the chef will know which farmers to contact to ensure the menu can be as full of choice as you like. Some vegetables ripen early, and some later in the year.

Be sure to let guests who have children know as early as possible.

For anyone who has to travel to your wedding, it may mean taking kids out of school, or disruption to their own post-secondary school schedule. This requires special arrangements, possibly for things like childcare for kids who can’t leave home to miss recitals and things that happen in spring before school gets out for the year.

A spring wedding can be one of the most beautiful, and it’s easy to enjoy the change of seasons with just a little advance prep.

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