Coupon for the FVWF App

$39.00 (plus tax)

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Provide real value to app clients with a custom coupon they can’t get anywhere else. Directs traffic precisely to your landing page, website, or product.

This coupon stays in the app full time. Unlike a push notification, which pops up, grabs the users full attention, and then disappears, this coupon stays resident. Users enter the app and click on the “coupons” tab. All coupons are displayed as a graphic, and link to our website first, where the coupon is explained. Users can then progress to your website, call your business, follow you on social media, or a variety of other options.

Creation of the coupon graphic and creation of landing page on our website is included.* Click these coupon examples to see the associated landing pages.

Also included is reporting on the total number of clicks on your coupon. Just ask your representative.

Price is per month of coupon, minimum 3 month commitment.

*For a limited time, no additional cost for this setup. A setup charge may be charged in future.

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