Thanks again for being one of our beautiful exhibitors at the latest March 26th 2023 Fraser Valley Wedding Festival at the Cascades Casino Resort in Downtown Langley!

It was another huge success, and we are once again so proud to represent you!

Here are some changes of note…

First Time Charging For Bride or Groom Tickets!

It has taken us *years* to decide to charge for Bride or Groom tickets. We worried that it would reduce attendance, or that it would split our traffic, or that it would diminish the experience for our Attendees. In the end, NONE of those things happened. In fact, our attendance for this show was HIGHER than it has been for our last two shows, and was still within 15% of our attendance for the same show last year. We believe that as we continue to add value for attendees, this will prove to be the right decision. Charging for tickets allowed us to increase (again) the marketing budget for this show, which ultimately benefits everyone.

(Even) Higher Engagement on Social Media

We’ve said this for the last several shows, but YES, it continues to increase! And not just from Attendees, but from YOU, our valued Exhibitors! We’re thrilled when you post content on social media and allow us to re-post it. Video content on our social streams continues to be our priority: we love to see “behind-the-scenes” video, and this was the first time since the start of the pandemic that we’ve been able to come to your locations to film video! More than 87% of our social interactions happen with non-followers, in other words, people who are interacting with us for the first time – this is a huge advantage when it comes to attracting new couples! It’s our mission to create even more video content this year, and we look forward to working with you to accomplish that!

NEW VIP Ticket Entry Time Split from General Admissions

So far, our feedback about this strategy has been excellent! For some time, we’ve experimented with different ways to spread out the “flow” of traffic through the show. Rather than having a huge rush in the beginning, which made the show floor extremely crowded, and prevented our Exhibitors from having meaningful interaction with Attendees, our goal was to spread out traffic over the course of the afternoon. This gives you more time to really learn the needs of the visitors to your booth, and build trust in a non-pressured atmosphere. By limiting the number of VIP tickets, this granted a full 90-minutes of time for our most motivated attendees to gain an advantage and do a more thorough exploration of all the offerings. This worked extremely well, and we plan to take this a step further in the next show, by adding more value to the VIP Experience. We are already planning this for the fall season.

TWO Diamond Earring Draws Proved Successful

As usual, the diamond earrings were a major attraction to the show. By offering two pairs, one exclusively to the VIP ticket holders, and a second pair to the General Admission ticket holders, this attracted Attendees more than ever before, and encouraged a higher ratio of retention in the ballroom. We plan to slightly alter the method of this contest in the fall, allowing us to double the chances of winning for our VIP ticket holders – by making them eligible for the second draw as well as the first draw! Please watch for announcements in our newsletters and on social media.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events!

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