Exhibitor Webinars

We’re very proud to offer our Exhibitors exclusive tools and business support events, including our Summer 2020 series of webinars. Click on the links below for more info, and to register. These are FREE, and available ONLY to Exhibitors.


Build Your Small Business eMail List, with Marketing Manager Peggy Richardson.

Given in two parts, this webinar takes place on Thursday, June 18th at 11am PST, and Part 2 on Thursday, June 25th at 11am PST.

And what about that FREE starter list?

Yes! We’ve created TWO opportunities for you to jumpstart your list.

We’ve figured out a way to gain exposure for YOU, our Exhibitors, and to increase publicity for the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival, which will give you a FREE starter email list that you can leverage and grow for the future.

Our gift bags have become a well-known and very desired feature of the FVWF. The lineup at the last few shows has been several hundred people long to get one of the precious bags, given only to the first 150 Brides or Grooms (limit 1 per couple) through the doors of the Festival. Because the current Festival has been postponed, we’re going to raffle off 50 of the bags in a contest, using social media and our own mailing list of ticket holders. These 50 bags will be subtracted from the 150 given out at the festival, and the remaining 100 will be given at the door as per usual.

Each of our Ballroom Exhibitors is required to contribute 1 item to the bags, with a face value of $25. This results in our biggest “fans”, our most eager Brides and Grooms, being given a chance to see YOUR product FIRST, and to be sure they KEEP your name present as they plan their big day.

If you haven’t already contributed your item to the bags, now is the time to get that submitted to our office! Please drop off or mail your item to our EPM offices, at Suite 204 – 20621 Logan Ave Langley by end of business day on June 22nd. Please contact your booth rep Heather Rodland with any questions.

The list of entrants to this raffle will be granted to every bag contributor. This will include regular ticket holders plus any ther entrants from the general community. We can offer this because we’re conforming to all CASL and other anti-spam regulations. Once you have the list, our webinars will teach you how to maximize it!

What about that second opportunity?

That’s a secret! You’ll learn about that in the webinar, where we’re offering you a fantastic opportunity to leverage any existing subscribers you have to make even more of them. You’re going to love this!