Thank you for Exhibiting with the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival. We are excited to make your show experience with us the best! Here is information to help prepare you for the show.

First Time Exhibitor?
We are happy to have a phone call with you, and work through all your questions. Whether it be your first marketplace table or a double booth – we can provide you with information on how to prepare for the show, how to set up your booth, and how to maximize your engagement with Attendees on show day.
Karen, Exhibitor Relations, 604-202-6446
-Your EPM Team

Table, Chair, and Electrical Ordering:

Your Booth includes a complimentary table and chair, but you must order these in advance. All tables are 6ft long, and come covered and skirted in white linen. You may wish to use your own linens or overlays in addition to this to create something more unique for your display.  

You may have already indicated what you require for tables and chairs when you booked you Booth. If what you originally intended has changed, please contact Karen by phone or email to let her know what you need: 604-202-6446;

If you haven’t indicated what you need for table or chairs, please use the links below to order. Please place your order no later than 2 weeks prior to the show. (You may be asked to log in before placing your order.)

Chair Order:

Table Order:

Do you Need Electrical for Your Booth?

If you are planning to operate lighting, sound, a computer, monitors or screens, etc. requiring electrical, please order this online. The cost is $55. Please bring a power bar if you intend to power multiple devices. The deadline to order is 2 weeks prior to the show. Here is the link to order your electrical:

Electrical Order:


All parking is FREE at the site. Exhibitors are encouraged to park as far as possible from the door, in order to leave preferred spots for our Attendees. Feel free to pull up to the front door to load or unload, and then move your car to a farther location. Pro tip: bring a wagon or cart to help with loading or unloading in fewer trips!


Wifi is offered to all Exhibitors and Attendees FREE at the event. If you intend to rely on wifi to process payments, or for any part of your presentation, please be aware that shared wifi comes with no guarantees of speed or reliability.

Complimentary Marketing Support Call: (NEW!)

We want you to make the most of your presence at this show! That’s why your booth now includes a complimentary 20-minute marketing call with Peggy, our Marketing Manager for the shows. The goal of this call is to help you be fully prepared to capture leads and customers, and find out how we can help with any other creative marketing ideas you may have – we love weird marketing ideas! Please click this button below to book a time that works for your schedule. (This button will open a new window where you can select a date and time.)


Please make sure to send us your logo, company graphics, product photos, photos of you in action doing what you do, and any other photos we can use on our website or social media to help promote your presence at the show. If you have any blogs make sure to share with us, we would love to share your articles.

Help us help you! If you haven’t already during registration, please make sure to send us your social media handles and websites. This is extremely important, as we will tag you in social posts prior to the show.

All exhibitors who may serve food samples at any of our events must fill out the Temporary Food Premises form (PDF).

How To Prepare For a Show

Karen DeJong-Ellery has created a fantastic checklist for all our Exhibitors! It includes tips to prepare, what to bring, and more. Click here to download it!

Name Badges for Booth Staff:

The Fraser Valley Wedding Festival prepares a custom logoed hanging-style badge for every person staffing your booth. Please email us the name(s) of who will be present at the booth – email Karen at These will be delivered to your booth during set up on show day.


The Fraser Valley Wedding Festival has a variety of sponsorship opportunities. If you would like to talk directly to someone regarding sponsorship, please reach out to our team, we would be happy to help. karen DeJong-Ellery can be reached at

Gift Bag Inserts:

All Exhibitors in the ballroom are obligated to insert a coupon, gift, or other offer worth a retail value of $25. This is a common area of confusion. While some Exhibitors have placed high-value items in each bag, that’s not necessary. This is really about having an excellent opportunity to get your company in front of our most motivated Attendees. By placing (for example) a coupon in the bag, offering $25 off a $250 purchase (or more), you can attract a buyer that may have otherwise missed your offerings.

Other standout ideas include creating a game out of the gift bag, such as creating a “trade up” or “chance to spin the wheel” -type of offering, to entice Attendees to visit your booth, and therefore engage with you. You can also include a ballot on your coupon to enter a draw, thereby using this as a way to build your mailing list. The possibilities are endless! 

We will NEVER admit offers from outside our shows into these bags – they are 100% only for the profit of our Exhibitors.

Please have your gift bag insert delivered to the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival office no later than 1 week prior to the show. Here is the office address and hours: Suite 204, 20621 Logan Ave., Langley, V3A 7R3. We are on the 2nd floor, and share an office with Fraser Valley Continuing Education. Office hours are Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Friday: 9:00 am – 3:00pm. Closed on Saturday and Sunday and all statutory holidays.

Door Prizes and Raffles:

Please tell us in advance if you plan to offer a prize at your booth, so that we can help to promote this via social media and our website. Unless you already have a CASL-compliant email gathering system set up, for example, Mailchimp or Constant Contact, we have pre-printed paper ballots and bags for you to use. These can be picked up at the Exhibitor check-in desk, or simply ask any staffer for one of these during set up on show day. All booth prizes should be arranged for delivery or pickup by each Exhibitor.

Show Day Set Up & Schedule:

Show Open Hours: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Set Up: 9:30 am – 11:45 am
All Exhibitors will have access to the Ballroom and Lobby by 9:30 am to set up. Please ensure your booth or table display is set up and ready to go 15 minutes prior to show opening. An elevator is available to ease your transportation of booth material you are bringing. (We recommend a wagon or dolly to help transport your booth material from your vehicle to the ballroom.)

Move-Out: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Please do NOT start to dismantle your booth before the close of the show at 4pm. To do so disrespects your neighbouring businesses who many still be speaking with clients.

Do you Need Access to the Service Elevator?

The facility has a large service elevator to help exhibitors who may have very large and/or heavy items. Please let us know 2 weeks prior to the show if you require access to this elevator, as we have to schedule the time. Please contact Karen by phone or email: 604-202-6446; The standard Guest elevator is available for smaller items, but please give hotel guests and attendees first access to this elevator. Please note that heavy items are not permitted on the large escalator in the lobby of the hotel.

Don’t Be Fooled By Trade Show Scams and Phishing eMails

As we lead up to each Fraser Valley Wedding Festival, you may see seemingly legitimate offers arrive in your inbox almost daily, touting attendee lists, show guide listing, booth or attendee registrations and hotel discounts. Sadly, these are deceptive practices and unfortunately, a common practice. Here are the three most common scams you should be aware of:

Third Party Registration Services
A company by the name of “10Times Registration” has tried to sell our booths and event tickets through their website. They make it appear they are acting on behalf of the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival. 10Times is simply taking your credit card info, and processing a payment that they will pocket. Fraser Valley Wedding Festival has no affiliation with 10Times. They do not work with us in any way, shape or form.

International Fairs Directory
“International Fairs Directory” sends out a letter using the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival and Events Plus Management show name, asking exhibitors to update their contact information. If you receive such a letter, do not respond: do not send the form back. If you read the fine print, you would be agreeing to pay money, each year for 3 years, for advertising in their directory, which has no connection to any trade show.

Attendee Lists
How many times have you received an email from some generic-sounding company promising all the contact details for everyone attending your upcoming show? Probably more often than you can count. The only way you can obtain Attendee data is by collecting the data yourself as you talk to attendees who stop by your booth. Events Plus Management Ltd does not sell or share the Attendee list with anyone.

False Hotel Reservations
Another avenue potential trade show scammers like to take is that of fake hotel bookings. These third-party tricksters will contact you via phone or email and claim they represent the hotel that is being used by the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival. They’ll feed you some lines about the hotel being booked near capacity, or that the rates are about to go up if you don’t act immediately. We don’t secure any hotel rooms for the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival, as these are regional shows.

Protect Your Company from Trade Show Scams

If you are ever unsure whether communications have come from the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival/Events Plus Management, please do not hesitate to check with us. Give Karen a call (604-202-6446) and ask “Is this one of your partnering companies?” We can verify in seconds if it is legitimate or not. We only work with trusted partners. We also never forward your details to third parties who are not contracted to work with us, such as booth contractors, hotel venues, and so on.

You can help stop these scammers by reporting any suspicious activities so we can advise other exhibitors. And remember, never provide any financial information to any company you deem suspicious.

Use these graphics to help promote your presence at the show!


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Just click on each image to download the files to your computer so you can use them a variety of ways. For help with this, watch this video.

Just click on this image to download it and use it for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and more!
Just click on this image to download it and use it for Facebook and Instagram stories, and more!